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What is the World’s Strongest Adhesive?



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In this article, we would like to introduce you to some Interesting facts and other resources that support the fact, that Araldite is, in fact, the world’s strongest glue.
Araldite has long been applied as a professional glue (or adhesive) when it comes to sticking together such materials, which would otherwise not stick together and where the usage of nails is either impossible or simply would not work.

Being used since 1946, the first Araldite was an epoxy-based adhesive. Today we can also recognize other types, such as the cyanoacrylate or the polyurethane-based Araldite. The latter is often used as an express glue. Its best qualities include the fact, that it would make the bond water resistant, chemical resistant and heat resistant too.

The epoxy-based Araldite is often used in industrial work and processes, from aircraft to car engineering, to say a few examples. The added epoxy will ensure the strength and durability of the bond created. These are two-component types of glue which also means; you will need to mix them together before use. The epoxy content will also enable an especially low shrinkage which is a common problem occurring with other adhesives, especially with time. We can now differentiate different types of epoxy based Araldite from Standard to Repair types. There is a whole different Araldite adhesive suggested for the use of steel too.

The polyurethane-based Araldite adhesive is often used when it comes to fixings which need to be done in an especially short amount of time. The polyurethane Araldite is also a two-component solution, where polyurethane replaces the epoxy. The bond created with its help will be water resistant, heat resistant with an added low shrinkage and high fatigue resistance.

When it comes to the sticking together of materials which you could otherwise not fix or glue together, then you can successfully resolve the problem with the use of Araldite adhesives. They are in fact the world’s strongest adhesives.

Best examples of the use of Araldite:
• It was used in the construction of the world’s longest ever single-beam bridge in Madrid
• Araldite was used to fix the deck in the world’s largest catamaran
• It’s frequently used to stick together components which are bound to receive lots of stress and pressure such as aircraft, motor cruisers, and motorcycles. This presents us with a shiny proof of how much Araldite can withstand environmental effects, high pressure and high-frequency vibrations on the long haul too.
• Araldite can even be used to attach recorders and other measuring tools to animals when it comes to studying their behavior.

What materials does it work with?
The variety of use is almost endless. You can use Araldite for the fixing or be sticking together of dozens of different materials including wood, brick, ceramics, plywood, leather, enamels, cork, metal, mirror, concrete, plastic (acrylic mainly), marble, coatings, tiles and the list goes on.
How can you use Araldite adhesives?
Whenever it comes to fixing something that’s broken, torn apart, coming off or simply falling out go for the best solution and use Araldite to fix the problem.

If you are looking for the world’s strongest adhesive, you will surely use one or the other type of Araldite adhesives. They don’t only work well and quickly; they would also ensure a long-lasting effect along with their use.

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